We at GEM value the importance of 'Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)' and it has now become an integral part of GEM's continual improvement initiatives.

GEM is dedicated to maintaining moral behaviour through business and contributing to the financial growth while improving the quality of life of the work force and furthermore with society as a whole.

CSR at GEM is based on launching a clear policy and thorough plan in order to effectively contribute to all aspects of people, institutes and the environment whether on a local, regional or global scale.

Through its CSR initiatives, we aim to go beyond simply 'what is required', legislation and complying with applicable rules and regulations.

GEM is involved in CSR by proactive contribution in supporting the local and central government initiatives for the poor and needy people in the UAE and beyond. It is GEM's belief that as a growing company it is a responsibility to give back to the community, in order to see that education and growth is seen amongst the people in the UAE.

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