Drug and Alcohol Policy


GEM has developed and maintains policies regarding use and smuggling of drugs and alcohol on-board vessels under their management. The policies set forth follow the requirements and standards adopted by U.S. Anti-Drug Abuse Act 1986, the BIMCO Sea Carrier Initiative Agreement, OCIMF, IMO and the major oil companies.

A policy for the control of the use of drugs and alcohol must be enforceable to have the desired effect upon the operations of our vessels. Accordingly, it is incumbent upon the company to monitor the policy through visits on each vessel and through feedback from "owner's representatives", and other "official parties", such as the Coast Guard, visiting the vessels. More importantly, it is incumbent upon the Senior Officers on each vessel, firstly to set a good example through their own personal behaviour with respect to drugs and alcohol and, secondly, by enforcing both the rules, as set forth herein, and the spirit of the policy as given. We look to the Master of each vessel to administer this policy on his ship and ensure that it is both understood and followed by all crew members.


The use of un-prescribed drugs or controlled substances on board vessels under GEM management will not be tolerated. Anyone in possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances will immediately be removed from the vessel and reported to the relevant authorities.

  • GEM Policy is that the use, carriage or possession of drugs or alcoholic beverages in any form is forbidden on all vessels, operated, manned or managed by GEM.
  • Drugs and controlled substances include, but are not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP) and amphetamines.
  • Officers and Ratings returning from shore leave must observe a period of total abstinence from all alcoholic beverages prior to scheduled watch-keeping duties or work periods, as per OCIMF: Guidelines for examples of alcohol units / consumption.
  • Alcohol Test Meters (Intoximeter) will be available on each vessel, which will allow the Master to specifically check any crew suspected of having a high level of alcohol in his system and incapable of carrying out his duties.
  • All Officers or Ratings sailing with GEM vessels are required to sign the Sea Carrier Security Agreement "Letter of Undertaking".
  • Prior to signing-on, crew will submit themselves for testing for use of drugs or controlled substances and alcohol abuse.
  • The misuse of legitimate drugs, or the use, possession or sale of illicit or unprescribed controlled drugs on board GEM ships is strictly prohibited. Any use of controlled substance which causes or contributes to unacceptable job performance or unusual behaviour is also prohibited
  • Any incident or accident associated with a crewmember taking illegal drugs or illegal substances shall result in the company notifying the authorities and assisting with any legal proceedings taken against them.
  • Any accident or incident associated with a crew member taking legal or prescribed drugs which have not been brought to the attention of the Company/Master shall result in disciplinary proceedings against them. This may also involve legal proceedings depending upon the circumstances of the accident or incident local legislation at the time.
  • Testing and screening shall include random testing of the officers and crew on each vessel with a frequency to ensure that each officer is tested at least once a year.
  • The above policy is set forth for the overall benefit of the shipping industry, for the safety of ships and cargoes at sea, but primarily for the health and well-being of the seamen themselves. For this reason alone, we urge your full support and cooperation.

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