Conduct of Business Policy

The following are GEM policies concerning the conduct and ethics of business activities:

  • No vessel will be taken on full management without prior inspection and an estimated running cost for the vessel being discussed and agreed upon with the principal. We shall ensure we have the capability and the resources to serve the principals well, and shall not accept business for which we do not have the capability and, or resources
  • GEM ensures that our clients benefit from the best attention to duty that our personnel are able to give with resources allocated on a fair basis in order to render equitable and faithful service to our clients.
  • The management agreement is the binding document between GEM and the owner, and all the provisions contained will be faithfully adhered to. Any possible conflict of interest will be made known to the owner.
  • GEM will, as a matter of good business practice, respect the confidentiality of our client's interests.
  • GEM will on a regular basis and when required keep our clients Informed of the operation, condition and status of their vessels as well as potentially dangerous or unacceptable situations.

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